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July 28, 2022

5 tips for recruiting

5 tips

Do you know what question employers are most concerned about right now?
In fact, there is hardly a question that companies are asking themselves more frequently at the moment than the following:

How do I attract the best talent?

As mundane as it may sound, that's the number one question on the agenda.
It's more likely that the question is now, "How do I attract talent AT ALL?"
Because almost no one has the claim to recruit only A Players, because unfortunately that doesn't work anyway.

But what can be done, in terms of recruiting?

Here are 5 tips:

šŸ‘Š The first step: make your company visible on social media. YouTube and Instagram, for example, are replacing Google as a search engine for many people.
The fact that you are found by personalities willing to change is already half the battle.

šŸ¤ Then check your offer. Are your benefits really attractive? What does the competition offer? Here's a hint: check the šŸ’° Salaries directly, are they in line with the market?

šŸ“² Do you improve your application process, there is certainly room for improvement? How long are your response times and how long does it take from 1st interview to 2nd?

šŸ§” Be appreciative and respectful in your communication with your applicants. Even if it sounds banal, making the other person feel good often makes all the difference.

šŸ•µ Active sourcing. Go on the search yourself and snap up your new colleagues.