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July 28, 2022

5 tips for recruiting

5 tips

Do you know what question employers are most concerned about right now?
In fact, there is hardly a question that companies are asking themselves more frequently at the moment than the following:

How do I attract the best talent?

As mundane as it may sound, that's the number one question on the agenda.
It's more likely that the question is now, "How do I attract talent AT ALL?"
Because almost no one has the claim to recruit only A Players, because unfortunately that doesn't work anyway.

But what can be done, in terms of recruiting?

Here are 5 tips:

👊 The first step: make your company visible on social media. YouTube and Instagram, for example, are replacing Google as a search engine for many people.
The fact that you are found by personalities willing to change is already half the battle.

🤝 Then check your offer. Are your benefits really attractive? What does the competition offer? Here's a hint: check the 💰 Salaries directly, are they in line with the market?

📲 Do you improve your application process, there is certainly room for improvement? How long are your response times and how long does it take from 1st interview to 2nd?

🧡 Be appreciative and respectful in your communication with your applicants. Even if it sounds banal, making the other person feel good often makes all the difference.

🕵 Active sourcing. Go on the search yourself and snap up your new colleagues.