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November 11, 2021

Better application processes

Better application processes

Have you ever been excited by a job opportunity at first glance and been bitterly disappointed afterwards?

Yes? That's what happens to many applicants on the job market, and it's often not the job itself that's to blame, but the application process.
If strict parameters such as salary, location, or vacation arrangements are not addressed in advance, disillusionment is common.
But even in the ongoing process, the actions and reactions of a company can have a strong (negative) influence on the candidate experience.
Keyword response time, decision-making time, communication behavior, the list can be extended at will.

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, companies can no longer afford not to make their application process open and transparent.
However, many employers do not seem to have realized this yet.

We see ourselves as partners at eye level in this process and the people we accompany always experience us as honest, open and consistently sustainably oriented and tightly on the game.