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May 31, 2022

Companies are more open than ever to hiring applicants over the age of 60!

Companies and the age of 60

Companies are more open than ever to hiring applicants over the age of 60!

A development that makes me feel extremely positive. In the past? Unthinkable!

3 factors are decisive in my estimation:

▶️ Factor 1: Shortage of skilled workers.

There is a massive demand for skilled workers and managers, due to regional full employment and the resulting low unemployment.

The change in the world of work towards more flexible and agile structures has created this high demand in companies. This opens up opportunities for older people, as they can usually demonstrate greater flexibility.

Even if a candidate is already due to retire in 5 years, companies prefer to opt for 5 years of planning security instead of a vacancy and uncertainty.

▶️ Factor 2: Pain

The most crucial point is the pain in companies. The demand for qualified employees is now so great that many companies hire someone, knowing full well that after 5 years this person will retire.

Drastic and simple: The pressure in companies to find suitable employees has become too great.

▶️ Factor 3: Demographic change

The baby boomer generation will retire in 3 - 5 years and that will change everything.
Many companies have recognized this and are now very open about the age structure.
Moreover, when it comes to the type of work, part-time or full-time and remote.

There are companies that are not taking this demographic change into account and will lose 20-30% of the workforce overnight.

There is also the positive experience with older characters. Over-60s show a digital affinity and engage with modern issues. These are great leaders who don't want a big career, but bring a lot to the table.

These testimonials lead to a mindchange in companies and provide a different perspective in the market.

As an HR consultancy, we have already accepted four search mandates this year to seriously or specifically include over-60s in application processes.
This is a strong and positive change.