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November 11, 2021

The return to the office

The return to the office

More and more people are gradually returning to the office, often 100% of the time, and not at their own request.

Gone are the days of home office, mobile working, work from home or maximum flexibility.

Home Office is being abolished again.

And now comes the dilemma, we all love the newly gained flexibility, the independent work, the trust placed in us, the possibility to "get everything under one hat", the freedoms of Modern Work.

In more than a year and a half, we have proven to ourselves, it works.

Whether on the employee or company side.

An office presence shouldn't have to be always necessary.

And here's the thing, "remote working" is actually here to stay, yet many companies are simply unable (or unwilling) to distance themselves from the classic 9 to 5 on-site final.

So what is the point of mandatory attendance?
Are there employers who, after Corona, still don't trust their employees?
Or trust them to continue to do a good job from the home office?

For us, it is absolutely incomprehensible why companies require their employees to show up on site every day again.
Is this evidence of toxic corporate culture, lack of trust or incompetence?

We can't put our finger on it ourselves, but we wonder a lot.

Fortunately, there are so many companies and employers who have understood the added value we can all derive from the new possibilities of more flexible working models. We're talking about an absolute win-win situation.

PS: At Engfer Consulting, we work exclusively with companies that have a modern mindset and understand how important flexibility and mobile working are, even after the Corona crisis.