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September 27, 2022

Employee retention

Retaining your own employees is significantly less expensive than finding new ones. Oh really? What a clever saying!

But what is it exactly that keeps people from quitting?
What measures can companies take to retain their flock in the medium and long term?

Clearly, this is about employee satisfaction.

Now the crucial question: How do we get satisfied employees?
There is NOT one solution, but many things you can actively do.

Here are some exquisite examples for you:

💥 Pay fair salaries.
Definitely creates a good vibe. Monetary appreciation is indeed half the battle.

💥 Appreciation in togetherness.
Praise, recognition, a kind word here and there, makes employees feel seen. Surprise them with a little something. No one expects it and the joy will be boundless.

💥 Feedback culture
Positive as well as negative, take time for regular exchanges. In these conversations, you will learn a lot about your people and your company. Ideally, you also request feedback and can take action to optimize the current state.

💥 Transparent communication
Your colleagues want to know what current topics are in their company. Communicate innovations and decisions, changes as well as challenges.

💥 Right to have a say
Involve your employees in decisions and be open to impulses. Work together to create the best possible working conditions collectively, rather than from the top down.

💥 Strengthen the "we" feeling.
For example, through events. Think of something special for your team. Treat yourself and the rest of the troop to some shared fun outside the workplace.

These are just a few examples of how you can increase employee satisfaction.

At Engfer Consulting, we deliberately challenge the status quo and invest in the existing team with maximum enthusiasm.

Shown here on the picture, the legendary Hot Rod Tour through beautiful Cologne.
An unforgettable day where we all had fun and experienced something very special together.

Certainly, there are situations where employee retention alone is not enough.

After all, additional talent also needs to be recruited. That's where we happen to know someone who will be happy to help you 🙋🏼.