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December 15, 2022

FC on Ice

Since the soccer season is a bit different from usual this year, our 1st FC Cologne's Christmas party was not ordinary either.

Instead of standing with both feet firmly on the grass, there was skating over ice. Don't worry, the pros did without this fun and passed the time with food and music.

In addition to the players, coaches, managers and staff, we were also allowed to be there as sponsors. It is hard to put into words how happy we were about this. However, the laughter of our Katharina Engfer when she meets Luca Kilian puts it very aptly. Daughter Helena must have had a similar reaction when she received the autographs she had diligently collected.

We are happy to be able to look back on a successful 2022 and will enjoy the Christmas days before moving full steam ahead into 2023!

Of course, we wish our FC Cologne only the best for the rest of the season.