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April 7, 2021



"Hello, you listen, does Thomas actually identify with our company?"
"I honestly don't care. He should do his job. After all, that's what he gets paid for. If he doesn't want to do it anymore, he can leave."

You think this is a fictional conversation? Well, Thomas' name has been changed; the rest is real.

Even in 2021, there are entrepreneurs with the attitude of being the only employer in the world. You find this statement too provocative? Unfortunately, experience from many interviews shows a different picture.
Salary is not the main indicator of job satisfaction and, at around 12%, only makes a minor contribution (1) to whether employees are happy in the company. Appreciation and corporate culture, at around 25%, greatly increase employee satisfaction (2).

A lack of identification causes dissatisfaction, leads to high fluctuation and unrest in the company, and a generally bad mood in the workplace.
Even "high potentials" are infected by it and in the end there are always additional costs for new employees. Progress stagnates due to ever new training phases.

Lack of identification is the brake of innovation!
Why should you worry about processes or procedures if it is not seen and appreciated anyway.

Involve your employees in processes, ask employees for their opinion and how they would implement changes/optimizations and let them do it themselves. As a boss, you have hired mature adults, why are you thinking like an educator? Human beings' work and being themselves must have value. Employees who are thwarted in their personal development always have an effect on your company. You should not be surprised that employees do not identify with the company. However, you have the position to change this!

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