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August 4, 2021

Join our C.A.R.E. Event

Join our C.A.R.E. Event

Every true Cologne native is familiar with the lines of the Willi Ostermann's song "Heimweh nach Köln" ("Homesick for Cologne"). Especially the following passage:
Wenn ich su an ming Heimat denken und sinn d'r Dom su vür mer stonn, mööch ich tireck op Heim ahn schwenke, ich mööch zo Fooß noh Kölle jonn.
For all non-Cologne natives:
"When I think of my homeland and see the cathedral standing in front of me, I want to go straight home and walk to Cologne."
This is how C.A.R.E. founder and Engfer Consulting Senior Partner Tobias M. Zielke came up with the idea of walking from his home in Bensberg to Cologne .

Since we have all been sitting in our home offices long enough and think exercise is good ("...necessary"), we decided to complete this year's C.A.R.E. campaign under the motto "Zo Fooss noh Kölle jonn" (Go to Cologne on foot) in the form of a charity march.

On August 17 at 9 a.m., 10 team members will march from Bensberg Castle to Cologne's landmark, the Cologne Cathedral. It is about 20 kilometers to the finish and Engfer Consulting will donate 10 € for every kilometer run; in total, all colleagues will donate 2,000 € for a good cause.

And now you come into play:
You can join us for the run. Virtually via the live tracking on Komoot, here on Linkedin or physically from one of the route points that we will share with you.
You can also become a supporter! We leave it up to you how much you want to contribute to the march, but we are happy about every euro for the charities, which we will present to you in more detail in the next few days.
Supporters even get their logo on the shirt (from 200 €). Of course, we will name all donors in our short videos from the course.

And here we are already at the next point of your task: You vote which institution should receive which percentage of the collected donation sum. We will post a poll for this on 8/10/2021 and look forward to lively participation.

And if you haven't heard of C.A.R.E. yet, you should attend our live webinar on 8/25.
You can register and get even more information via the following link:

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