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April 27, 2021

Reputation - quo vadis?


"We have to serve every customer."
"Yes, but the staff are against us supporting a client with this political mindset. Our people have told me that quite clearly."
"As if it matters what they think of it, turnover is turnover!"
"But I think we should also pay attention to our internal reputation."
"They shouldn't make such a fuss, after all, that's how their salaries are paid!"

Well, I did the job at the time because that's what they wanted. No punch line. However, as the budget was my responsibility, we donated the turnover 1:1 to an institution.
With the donation text "Donation [customer name]" - ok, there's a punch line.
Colleagues celebrated it and my reputation within the company was strengthened by my clear stance. As a company, we didn't make a big fuss about it at the time. Simply because I only cared about what my employees thought about me as a boss.

Why should you pay as much attention to internal reputation as you would otherwise only pay to external reputation?

It is important to understand that internal reputation also has an influence on the external - always! Be it through rating portals such as Kununu, Glassdoor, Google or even friends and families of employees.
Every HR manager can cite countless examples of how difficult it often is to fill positions at a reasonable speed. And reputation is either the motor or the brake in this process.

External reputation is what makes future employees want to look into and engage with your company. It's talking to family and friends, gathering information that then feeds into the evaluation and persuades candidates to apply for a vacancy.

Imagine the trial day of a candidate (m/f/d) who only sees long faces when walking through the company - here too you can score or fail.

But as a company, I can't control the information that goes into this evaluation, can I?

Yes you can! By paying attention to the internal reputation and listening to what the corridor sometimes says or by asking department heads to discuss important social topics directly with you. It's not just about KPIs and turnover.

As a manager, make social topics your own KPI.

Through many different measures, you can build up an internal reputation that matches your external reputation - which would be ideal and therefore also stand up to scrutiny at second glance.

Hiring employees is the duty - retaining them sustainably and in the long term...that's the free skate. I would be happy to support you with C.A.R.E. in the planning and execution of the freestyle. Through individual workshops or targeted CSR measures, together we can put your reputation to the test, optimise it or completely rebuild it.