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December 1, 2022

Team big city

In the past, people spoke of the rural exodus, but today it is increasingly the urban exodus.

The younger generations in particular are increasingly looking at moving to the suburbs.
As of today, I personally can't imagine leaving the big city behind.

I am Tea and work in marketing at Engfer Consulting.
After graduating from high school, I was asked why I didn't move away to study. "To experience something different. It's like every day in Cologne is the same!
Even on paths I've walked a hundred times, I always discover something new. Or experience something that just makes me shake my head with laughter and think to myself, "Only in Cologne do you see something like that!"

The real reason, however, was that I simply couldn't imagine moving to a smaller city than Cologne.
Most university cities are, though. I need the hustle and bustle and the diversity that is offered to me here.

I also see little reason to leave the big city after graduation. Most companies are located here. That's why nowhere else are you offered so many, so varied jobs.
Even within a single industry, there is incredible diversity.

Apart from that, the diversity of big cities is something I really appreciate. Especially in Cologne. I love that we are known for being multicultural and welcoming to everyone.

Maybe you've already noticed, I'm a local patriot.

That's why I think it's great that I can drive by the cathedral on my way to work and see it from the office.

I find it incredibly convenient that I can take a quick drive home after work and drop off my stuff before heading to the stadium to support FC.

Everything is within easy reach. Which is great, because I already get impatient when it doesn't take me the usual 20 minutes to get to the university, but 25 because a train is cancelled. It allows me to do a wide variety of things in one day. In the morning to the office, at noon to the university and in the evening still to the sport? No problem! The KVB makes it possible.

Maybe one day that will change, but today I can still say with conviction that I am Team Großstadt.