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May 16, 2023

There is another way!

Every week I report on companies that get in their own way and don't put a foot wrong when it comes to recruiting.
And there are actually quite a few of them.🤷‍♀️

But there are also really, really good employers who know what's important and can secure a very clear competitive advantage when it comes to bringing new colleagues on board.

There are countless pros, here are the most important ones in brief and in my opinion also the recipe for success:

clear and unambiguous search profiles, not a "chicken-and-egg" approach

fast feedbacks

a maximum of appreciative communication

options for short-term appointments

contract offers that match the applicants' expectations

and a completely authentic appearance

One of these employers is called Kandelium and is one of my absolute favorite partners.

Therefore I would not like to miss the opportunity to advertise this visionary company in the beautiful Rhineland-Palatinate.
I can and will express my unrestricted recommendation.🙌🏻.

Of course, things can go wrong here too and not everything is perfect.
But it is worked on with high pressure.
Like also just among other things on the new homepage 😉.

Take a look at the job offers on the homepage, it's worth it!