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March 30, 2023

Together for the record!

My love for soccer began in 1991. As a little girl, I wanted nothing more than to stand on the pitch and win a cup.🏆

But I had to fight prejudice and rejection, because women's soccer was still frowned upon and unpopular back then.
But that didn't stop me from continuing.
Even in my boys' team, I didn't let anyone get me down.
Soccer was my life.⚽️

But there was one dream that I was never able to fulfill and now never will be able to. I wanted to play for 1. FC Köln, my hometown club. But back then, #effzeh didn't have a women's team.

Today, decades later, that has long since changed.

And now I'm proud that my beloved 1st FC Cologne, of all clubs, has set itself the goal of breaking a record in women's soccer.

I can hardly wait for it to finally happen - on April 23, 2023, the FC women will take on Eintracht Frankfurt in the Müngersdorf stadium.🏟️

As a native of Cologne, former professional soccer player and FC sponsor, of course I won't miss this historic event.
And I would be incredibly happy if you were to be a part of it, too.

Together, we can impressively underline the importance of women's and girls' soccer with this record-breaking match and give our FC's female professionals the big stage they deserve!🐐

Let's make history together.
Let's show together that women's soccer is important and that we will fight for our dreams.
Let's celebrate together and show that soccer unites us all.

As Nicole Bender-Rummler, Head of Women's and Girls' Football at FC, has already said: 'The people of Cologne are positively soccer crazy and we hope that together with the fans of women's soccer throughout Germany, they will ensure a record in the history books.' 🔴⚪️

'This game is more than just a simple soccer match - it's a chance to make a difference together and finally give women's and girls' soccer in Germany the attention and recognition it deserves.

So be there, let's break the existing record of Eintracht together and take our female soccer heroes to new heights!

I look forward to seeing one of you, whom I cordially invite to our box on Sunday, 04/23/2023!
Comment on why you want to win the wild card.

For everyone else who doesn't want to watch with me:
Tickets are available on the official site of 1. FC Köln 🎫.