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March 31, 2021

Ursula Pfeffer - Competence doesn't know age

Ursula Pfeffer - Competence doesn't know age

We have already announced it - 2021 will be a year of change for our successful family business. We want to go new ways and show our customers, among other things, that it is worth taking older employees on board and relying on their experience and trusting the competences that are already available and lived.

How do we do this? Ursula Pfeffer has been part of the ever-growing Engferfamily since 01.03.2021.
Having worked for many years as an HR expert in a large German company, responsible for the support and development of managers in the west of Germany, our offer probably came at the right time.

U. Pfeffer:" You could say that. Retirement, the word alone gave me uneasy feelings. I was missing the familiar contact with people, the professional exchange with colleagues. The professional expertise was no longer in demand. There will be new tasks coming my way and one thing must not go unmentioned - Engfer Consulting is a family business and that means that my daughter and son-in-law will be my bosses. Expectations are quite high from both sides. But I have been able to experience the development of Engfer Consulting at first hand and know what this company stands for".

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