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June 7, 2022

We only work with companies where I would also let my daughter work

company values

Fact is: We work exclusively with companies that actively live their values and not just present them on their website.

For the cooperation with a company, I consider 2 levels to be fundamentally crucial:

▶️ Company level and business models.

Here 3 aspects are crucial for me:

Companies that maintain a business model that I can absolutely represent.
Companies whose owners or management I would describe as sympathetic and having integrity.
Companies that achieve something meaningful for the general public.

▶️ Personality and values level

In terms of values, it is important for a company to be aware of its social and societal responsibility.
Basically, we have to share a value system, in terms of diversity, respect and humanity.

Companies in which I would also let my daughter work are basically environments in which I am sure that my daughter will be happy and will be able to achieve her goals.
An environment that gives her the opportunity to develop, take responsibility and be creative.

What is important is what stage of life my daughter is in.
At a certain age, my daughter may want a mentor from whom she can learn something - professionally as well as personally, or she may want to be a leader herself.

Whether it's a career or work-life balance, it's all about a manager or a company that understands these individual life phases and supports personal goals.

The decisive factor is the added value that a company or a manager can offer.