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October 7, 2021

We want the best recruiters - and therefore we train them ourselves.

We want the best employees - and therefore we train them ourselves.

Now the time has come. The decision has been made. We can hardly wait!

THEN: From now on, we will train young talents ourselves.

The last few years have really not been all glamorous and rosy. On the contrary, there were always difficult phases that we had to get through. We now want to pass on the experience we have gained to our young talents who ....

a) ... are passionate about personnel consulting and recruiting.

b) ... have the ambition to achieve great things.

We are honest: We want the best recruiters - and train them ourselves. This is a project absolutely in the hearts of Thilo Engfer and Katharina Engfer. Our team has a clear vision: to do a great(!) job for candidates and companies with Engfer Consulting. And that only works with employees who can identify 100% with their work and the company and who share the same values.

Welcome to Liane Kirsch, Giuliana Destra and Felix Kröger!

With this in mind: Stay tuned, big things are coming!