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October 26, 2022


Work-life balance is probably a term everyone is familiar with. It's about finding and maintaining a balance between work and private life.

But is it even possible to achieve such a balance?

Neither work nor private life always demand the same amount from us.

There are phases when we have to work on projects with full commitment. We then think about it 24/7, sometimes even unpack the laptop outside of working hours and keep working. Sleep can become a scarce commodity, dedicating ourselves to hobbies or maintaining friendships appropriately a luxury.

But that doesn't mean it's always the case!

In most industries, there are times when there is a little less to do. For us, for example, this is often the case in the summer, when most people are on vacation. Or at the beginning of a new year, because those who want to change have already found or started a new job. Then we have more time and capacity for private projects or for doing nothing.

The extent to which we focus on our private lives does not, of course, depend solely on work. If something important is going on in our private lives, whether it's something beautiful like a wedding or something sad like a death, then that takes priority and we adjust our working hours accordingly.

There is therefore no balance per se. It is more of a rhythm. Phases of hard work and high concentration are followed by phases of relaxation.

Satisfaction and balance arise when we have found a suitable rhythm for ourselves.