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Find employees with your Recruitment Consulting from Cologne

We find personalities that fit your company and, in turn, companies whose values fit you. Our team sees itself as your partner at eye level in recruiting and direct placement. We successfully support and advise you in your personal professional change process as well as in company transformation. Benefit from our exclusive nationwide network and our decades of experience in personnel consulting.

We are your Executive Search Partner in Cologne.

We connect people and companies that belong together. Who can identify with each other and stand for the same values. Based on your wishes, we start looking for candidates who match your profile - and that goes beyond the CV. In discussions with your potential new employees, we find out what is not on the CV and recognise intentions and ideals with empathy. We see the people behind the CVs and present you only with those who perfectly complement your team with their character.

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We attract employees

If you are looking for additions and reinforcements for your team, we are interested in what skills the ideal candidate must have. Equally interesting for us is to understand what makes your company different. What do you do differently in your company? What is the company culture like? Who are the people behind your brand?

Because: We spend a lot of time in our job and likewise with the team we work with. Here, it is not only important that we fit together professionally, but just as much on a human level. And that is why it is so important for us to get to know the people on both sides of the table: employer and employee.

If you are looking for new employees, our first step is to look at your profile, find candidates who have these skills and qualifications and then determine how they fit in with you on a personal level. And once we know all this, we put together a selection of the ideal candidates, both professionally and personally.

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We strengthen your employer brand

To attract the greatest talent to your company, you benefit from a strong employer brand. We help you strengthen and build your brand. Because what applicants look for has changed: Working hours, salary or security are no longer the only decisive factors. Those looking for a new employer value finding a place where they can live out their passion. He or she wants to pursue his or her personal vision, which ideally matches that of the company. And he or she also wants to enjoy certain freedoms while taking on responsibility.

All this needs to be found out and worked out for your company and finally transported to the outside world in a holistic and coherent communication. Perhaps in the form of an independent website for your employer brand and the career opportunities with you. In a social media campaign or with advertisements in print magazines or with a strategy in which your employees themselves and gladly advertise you as an employer and your vacancies. We support you in all of this - with the common goal of expanding your team in a meaningful way.

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Finding executives with Engfer Consulting

Being a role model is not only crucial for your employer brand, but also a big factor in our search for executives for your company. Leaders must have a high level of professional competence in their field and especially the ability to lead people, show potential and overcome challenges. And they should lead by example.

We support you in your search for new leaders. Based on our many years of experience and empathy, we have developed a feeling for who fits your company and can inspire people for your mission.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Katharina Engfer & Thilo Engfer

We are your partner at eye level in personnel matters - from staff recruitment to management recruitment to your employer brand, which we are happy to strengthen with our C.A.R.E approach. On our website we give you detailed insights into our work and look forward to hearing from you. This is how you take the first step towards your new employees, who will ideally complement your team both professionally and personally.

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