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Wanted: Technical Specialists

When it comes to engineering and production, experience and insight count.

When it comes to engineering and production, experience and insight count.

Our Expertise for Your Success

In addition to technical knowledge and experience, in industry, the characteristics of the employees also play a crucial role in the success of a company. An executive needs both assertiveness and tact in order to understand and align the needs of the employees with the company’s goals. In this sector, it is also the case that the success of a company goes hand in hand with employee satisfaction and dedication.

The tasks of executives in the technical sector include understanding production processes, linking up points of intersection and reducing or eliminating inefficiencies. For this, the employee not only requires a high level of technical qualification but also the ability to develop creative and, at the same time, meaningful solutions to ensure that internal processes are optimally designed.

In engineering, technical expertise and how it is imparted is very important. Engineers and managers need to be able to communicate with each other in technical discussions in order to grasp, understand and implement the wishes and needs of the customer. The technical expert forms the point of intersection between implementation and customer requirements. Their position also requires communicative abilities, ideally at an above-average level.

Personalberatung für Automotive, Maschinenbau oder Medizintechnik

Im Engineering hat technische Expertise und deren Vermittlung einen sehr hohen Stellenwert. Ingenieure und Führungskräfte verständigen sich in Fachgesprächen, um die Wünsche und Bedürfnisse des Kunden zu erfassen, zu verstehen und umzusetzen. Der technische Experte bildet den Schnittpunkt zwischen Umsetzung und Kundenanforderungen. Auch diese Position setzt kommunikative Fähigkeiten voraus, die idealerweise überdurchschnittlich ausgeprägt sind.

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References Engineering & Production

Manufacturer of pre-rolled strips made of non-ferrous metals370370 Mio. €Technical lead (m/f/x)Location
Group of companies and technology leader in the field of vibration reduction600 worldwide-Senior civil engineer, Head of Business UnitExpert knowledge, civil engineer, sales knowledge
Industrial US conglomerate295.000 worldwide122 Mrd. $Materials tester, engineering manager, continuous improvement leader, Quality side Leader (m/f/x)Locations, expert knowledge
American group of companies7400 worldwide2 Bil. $Ops manager, QM-lead, application engineer, design engineer, project manager engineeringlocation, expert knowledge
Plant manufacturers from the sorting industry2000 worldwide750 Mio. €Application developer, business development engineer, senior business development manager – plastics, field service engineerLeadershipskills, consultant experience, location, technical background
Market leader in the field of stationary extinguishing systems900156 Mio. €Service manager (m/f/d)Experience in the field of fire protection, management experience
Market leader in the field of industrial insulation1200Sales Engineer, Key Account Manager, Head of SalesExperienced in insulation, leadership and management skills
Transmission provider800Civil engineer, electrical engineer, Contract & Claim Specialist, ProjectmanagerTechnisches Expertenwissen
General contractor for glass fiber and communication800150 € MillionOperations Manager (m/f/x)Erfahrung im Bereich Tiefbau, Netzausbau, Führungserfahrung
leading manufacturer for HVAC, heating, ventilation and air conditioning47001,3 € BillionHead of facility management, civil engineer, Expert Material EngineeringFührungserfahrung und technischer Hintergrund