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Wanted: Technical Specialists

When it comes to engineering and production, experience and insight count. Our expert in both practice and methodology: Alexander Hoffmann, Dipl. Ing. and a production and plant manager of many years’ standing.

Our Expertise for Your Success

In addition to technical knowledge and experience, in industry, the characteristics of the employees also play a crucial role in the success of a company. An executive needs both assertiveness and tact in order to understand and align the needs of the employees with the company’s goals. In this sector, it is also the case that the success of a company goes hand in hand with employee satisfaction and dedication.

The tasks of executives in the technical sector include understanding production processes, linking up points of intersection and reducing or eliminating inefficiencies. For this, the employee not only requires a high level of technical qualification but also the ability to develop creative and, at the same time, meaningful solutions to ensure that internal processes are optimally designed.

In engineering, technical expertise and how it is imparted is very important. Engineers and managers need to be able to communicate with each other in technical discussions in order to grasp, understand and implement the wishes and needs of the customer. The technical expert forms the point of intersection between implementation and customer requirements. Their position also requires communicative abilities, ideally at an above-average level.

Our man for the engineering and production sector worked for many years as a mechanical engineer and plant manager: Alexander Hoffmann knows exactly what is important in practice − for both medium-sized businesses and corporate groups, from the shift supervisor right up to the managing director. His understanding of the production environment allows him to advise employer and employee on an equal footing.

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We pay attention to the ability to connect at all levels in our placements. Ideally, a technical expert is also capable of explaining what he does, how he does it and why he does it − inspiring his employees and colleagues.

Alexander Hoffmann

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Hoffmann
Senior Manager Engineering & Production

References Engineering & Production

Company Employees Turnover Position Challenge
Unternehmensgruppe aus der Textilbranche 3500 weltweit 380 Mio. € Teamleiter Betriebsmittelkonstruktion, Director Operations Konstruktion von Folgeverbundwerkzeugen, Führung
Hersteller von Vorwalzbändern aus NE-Metallen 370 370 Mio. € Technischer Leiter Standort
Firmengruppe und Technologieführer im Bereich Schwingungsminderung 600 weltweit - Senior Civil Engineer Expertenwissen, Bauingenieur, Sales-Kenntnisse
Familienunternehmen und Technologieführer im Bereich Sanitär und Heizung 4000 weltweit 1 Mrd. € Produktionsleiter Gießerei Führungserfahrung, Expertenwissen „Strangguss“
Produktionsgesellschaft für Eigenmarken eines der weltweit größten Handelskonzerne im Bereich Lebensmittel 1700 weltweit 600 Mio. € Betriebsleiter Technik Führungserfahrung, Expertenwissen „Lebensmittelverarbeitung“, Fabrikplanung
Größter Eigenmarkenlieferant für Fleisch-, Wurst-, Schinkenspezilitäten eines Handelskonzern 1.900 670 Mio. € Betriebsleitung Technik Fachwissen aus der Maschinentechnik, Standort Neubau
Industrieller US-Mischkonzern 295.000 weltweit 122 Mrd. $ Werkstoffprüfer, Engineering Manager, Continuous Improvement Leader Standorte, Expertenwissen
- - - Projektleiter Sonderanlagenbau, Lead Systems Engineer, Mechanical Engineer -
- - - Manufacturing Engineer, Applikationsingenieur, QM-Engineer, Produktionsleiter Elektronik, Fertigungsingenieur, Serviceingenieur, NDT-Specialist -
US-amerikanische Unternehmensgruppe aus der Metallverarbeitung 7400 weltweit 2 Mrd. $ Betriebsleiter, QM-Leiter, Application Engineer, Design Engineer, Projektmanager Engineering Standort, Expertenwissen
Versicherungskonzern 24.000 weltweit 18 Mrd. € Risk Engineer (m/f) for Construction Expertenwissen, Standort und 80% Reisebereitschaft
Deutscher Mittelstand, Laborgerätehersteller 200 weltweit 70 Mio. € Leiter Produktion Führungserfahrung, LEAN-Production Spezialist
Papierhersteller 2500 100 Mio. € stv. Leiter Elektrowerkstatt Führungserfahrung, Elektrotechnik
Anlagenhersteller aus der Sortierbranche 2000 weltweit 750 Mio. € Application Developer, Business Development Engineer, Senior Business Development Manager – Plastics, Field Service Engineer Führungserfahrung, Beratererfahrung, Standort, technischer Hintergrund
Hersteller von Fleischconvenience-Produkten 500 - Lean Production Manager Produktions- und Prozessoptimierung, Standort
Developers and manufacturers of custom-made components and service providers for the civil aviation industry 280 40 Mio. € Head of Injection Moulding Know-how, Location
Plant manufacturers from the sorting industry - - Customer Project Manager (m/w/d) Russian industry and language skills
Family business and technology leader in the sanitary and heating sector - - Head of decentralised building management (m/f/d) Leadership experience and technical background
Market leader in the field of stationary extinguishing systems 900 156 Mio. € Service Manager (m/f/d) Experience in the field of fire protection, management experience