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Assessment Center at Engfer Consulting

We analyze your desired candidates for you and evaluate how well they fit - to the corporate culture, to the position, to you!

Behaviour profile analysis

Errors in the hiring process lead to expensive badly assigned posts and thus to higher costs. Subjective selection processes are the main reason for this. The Thomas VPA guarantees an objective and valid assessment of the candidate's suitability. In this way, expensive badly assigned posts can usually be effectively prevented.

The VPA profile provides a comprehensive analysis of strengths in the workplace, fears, motivational factors and values. The analysis also contains information on how the person works under pressure and in stressful situations as well as possible frustrations or problems.

  • What is a person's preferred behavior in the work environment and how will this be expressed?
  • Are there any frustrations in the current job?
  • Whether or how will the person change their behavior in the current job?
  • Behavior under pressure
  • A person's strengths, limitations, and special value to the company
Treat others the way they want to be treated

Wie kann die VPA helfen?

Our partner Thomas International

Thomas International erfüllt die Anforderungen der renommierten British Psychologists Society (BPS) für Beurteilungsverfahren und ist Gründungsmitglied der Business Test Publishers Association (BTPA).

Thomas International ist ein weltweit führender Anbieter von Management- und Personalentwicklungstools mit dem Ziel, den Unternehmenserfolg zu steigern. In 60 Ländern und 56 verschiedenen Sprachen vertrauen Unternehmen seit 30 Jahren auf die Methoden von Thomas International. Heute arbeiten 32.000 Firmen und 250.000 ausgebildete Thomas-Anwender weltweit mit Thomas Analyse Tools.