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You Can Rely on Our Expertise!

As experts in the placement of highly qualified specialists and executives, we focus on your company’s success.

Our Services for You

After an in-depth discussion to define the professional and personal qualities your future employee should possess, we start our search. Or we may even have someone in mind already... Because we are constantly in discussion with top performers and young talents who are ready to build on their potential.

With your requirement profile in focus, we start a methodical search, making targeted approaches to suitable candidates and selecting from highly qualified specialists and executives as well as young talents. In doing so, we focus 100 per cent on the concept we have defined together − without compromise.

The experience that Engfer Consulting has accumulated over many years of working in recruitment shows that we consistently hit the bullseye by systematically approaching candidates. And thanks to our expertise, this can be done in a short time − because we take pleasure in achieving good results quickly and efficiently.

You search − we find. In all phases of the process, we ensure transparency and keep communication open for your input at all times. Loyalty and integrity are at the top of the list of demands we make of ourselves − and live by; we want you to be able to trust us and rely 100 per cent on our expertise. The selection of suitable candidates for you is based on 1. the latest scientific findings, 2. sound and objective assessment criteria and 3. our broad range of experience in sustainable recruitment.

The Challenge of »Change«

Qualified employees are a valuable asset. Without them, it is not possible to implement corporate goals effectively and sustainably. However, searching for and finding these qualified employees is getting more and more complex and time-consuming for businesses.

The challenges of personnel recruitment include demographic change and the crisis in education and training caused by badly organised schools and a lack of teachers. So, more and more positions are remaining vacant.

And if digitalisation and the greater demands on employees associated with it are not actively counteracted early enough within a business, internal gaps in expertise can arise. In order to secure the economic success of a company, external experts are in demand.

Another aspect which leads to a need for specialists and executives is the lack of preparation for and discussion of the topic of succession planning. If an employee leaves the company or is promoted internally, their position is usually left vacant to start off with. The company has to recruit a new employee externally. Especially in cases like these, where a solution has to be found quickly, we, as well-networked recruitment agency, can offer quick and lasting solutions.

Time is often an important factor in personnel decisions. We know that − and at the same time keep an eye on the accuracy of fit. Because we want to create connections that prove to be sustainable and effective over the long term.

Katharina Engfer

Katharina Engfer
Founder & Manager