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Wanted: Company Pacesetters

We know who goes together: companies and employees with an authentic commitment to head office functions

Controlling, Accounting, Sales, Finance, SCM, Human Resources, IT: We Bring Together All These Requirements

Every company relies on employees working in the background to ensure that all the core business processes can function. From purchasing to controlling through to human resources... Together with you, we will analyse the organisation and culture of your company to assess what skills you expect from your prospective employee. This means that, before the search starts, we will have developed a detailed profile of the ideal candidate. This ensures that the know-how and human qualities of potential employees are a perfect fit for your company’s requirements.

The decisive factors for a successful placement are the personality, skills, potential and previous professional achievement or experience of the candidates. We know that individual employees in strategic positions can have a decisive influence on the development of your business – and, conversely, the departure of individuals can also weaken an organisation.

That is why we make a point of recruiting using a future-oriented approach: our proposals are geared to sustainably retaining top performers in your company. We take into account the specifics of your industry sector and always keep both the organisational structure of your company and the related performance profiles in mind.

Turning personnel challenges into a win-win situation, for the company and for the candidate − is our goal. To achieve this, we take the time that decision makers in agile companies often do not have − for in-depth personal interviews with candidates, the analysis of CVs, the comparison of profiles. And in this way, we identify the people who will sustainably strengthen your company.

Have we inspired your curiosity?

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The last ten years have made it clear to me that sustainable success develops when employees support the goals of the company − and companies support their employees.

Thilo Engfer

Thilo Engfer
Founder & Management

References Corporate Functions

Company Employees Turnover Position Challenge
Hersteller von Investitionsgütern und Nutzmaschinen 50000 weltweit mehrere Mrd. € Financial Controller spezielles Fachwissen zwischen Bilanzanalyse und Reporting, Zeit
Unternehmensgruppe aus der Textilbranche 3500 weltweit 380 Mio. € Head of Corporate Development Exzellente fachliche und akademische Laufbahn, Standort
Unternehmen aus der Pharmabranche 2800 weltweit 650 Mio. € Marketing Controller Äusserst anspruchsvolle inhaltliche Aufgabenstellungen
Handelsunternehmen 3000 weltweit 350 Mrd. € Merchandise Controller, Leiter Logistik Budget der Position
US-amerikanische Chemiekonzern 5000 weltweit 3 Mrd. € Country Controller Germany Standort, Expertenwissen
Unternehmen aus der Energieversorgung 1000 220 Mio. € Bilanzbuchhalter Fachwissen gepaart mit starker Persönlichkeit
Industriekonzern 10000 weltweit 6 Mrd. € Head of Finance Expertenwissen, Branchenerfahrung, Standort
Familienunternehmen aus der Nahrungsmittelbranche 1800 weltweit 280 Mio. € Nachwuchsführungskraft Finanzen Expertenwissen, Standort
Industriekonzern 280.000 weltweit 56 Mrd. € HR Business Partner, Payroll Manager Expertenwissen, Zeit
Versicherungskonzern 24.000 weltweit 18 Mrd. € Referent Rechnungswesen, Reporting Manager Expertenwissen
Unternehmen aus der New Economy 300 80 Mio. € Leiter Controlling, Senior Business Unit Controller Expertenwissen, Zeit
Handelskonzern 56.000 56 Mrd. € Corporate Controller, Produktionscontroller Expertenwissen, Zeit