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February 23, 2024

Der Blaue Pfau ist geschlüpft!

Blauer Pfau

Today is a special day because we want to introduce you to an exciting new partner: the Blue Peacock! 🦚 As a newly hatched player in the marketing world, the Blue Peacock is determined to spread its unique colors and make a sustainable impression. Blue Peacock is not just about being another splash of color, but rather about ushering in a new era of creative excellence and human empathy.

The vision of the Blue Peacock is shaped by the belief that the most effective marketing strategies come from the heart and revolve around people's needs. It aims to evoke genuine emotions and connect with authentic stories. That's what drives the Blue Peacock: the power of peacock energy, which enables it to think boldly and take unconventional paths.

The focus is on strengthening brands through authentic employer branding and establishing a culture that attracts and motivates talent. The Blue Peacock believes that strong brands should have a soul that stands out, resonates, and touches hearts.

In its visual approach, the "Blue Peacock" is brought to life in all its splendor, with designs that catch the eye and stay in the heart. We at Engfer Consulting are excited to accompany this exciting journey and share the creative energy of the Blue Peacock with you. Join us on this exciting path to make the marketing world a little more colorful and creative.

Let's unleash the peacock together! 🦚💙