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March 11, 2024

Are men discriminated against by equal rights? An interview with Personalwirtschaft.

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Equality in the workplace: a complex balance

In an interview with Personalwirtschaft magazine, Katharina Engfer, our Managing Director, sheds light on the complex facets of equality in the workplace. To mark International Women's Day, the focus is on the critical question: does the pursuit of equality lead to unintentional discrimination against men?

A study by Ipsos shows a noticeable discrepancy in the perception of equality measures: A majority of men in Germany feel that enough has been done for equality, and almost half perceive the advancement of women as a potential disadvantage for themselves. Nevertheless, current statistics reveal that the proportion of women in management positions and in entrepreneurship is still low, which indicates a continued need for targeted measures.

Katharina Engfer emphasises the importance of focusing on the skills and qualifications of applicants when filling vacancies, regardless of gender. However, she observes that in practice, qualified men are occasionally passed over in favour of female candidates - often in an effort to achieve gender balance. This practice raises important questions about the balance and fairness of gender equality initiatives.

From Katharina Engfer's perspective, it is clear that discrimination of any kind has no place in the world of work. The key to true equality lies in an approach that recognises and promotes the skills and potential of all people, without making gender the deciding factor. The challenge is to find a balance that recognises the urgent need to promote women while maintaining integrity and fairness towards all genders.

At Engfer Consulting, we are committed to this balanced approach and are committed to ensuring that equality and diversity in professional life are not just ideals, but a living reality.