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March 5, 2024

We are an official partner of S.C. Fortuna Köln e.V.!

Official partner of S.C. Fortuna Köln e.V.

We at Engfer Consulting are delighted to announce that we are now an official partner of S.C. Fortuna Köln e.V.!

At the end of February 2024, we had the privilege of experiencing a Fortuna match live in the Südstadion for the first time. The rousing atmosphere and the deep-rooted passion of the fans for their club were simply incomparable. This special moment, coupled with our existing relationship with Julian Chytrek (Head of Sponsoring & Sales, editor's note), prompted us to enter into this meaningful partnership.

For us at Engfer Consulting, this co-operation is far more than just a business connection. Fortuna's values, such as openness, transparency and respectful co-operation, also reflect our own values. It fills us with pride to be part of an organisation that strives for both sporting success and social responsibility.

In the coming months, we look forward to actively supporting S.C. Fortuna Köln e.V. and working together on projects that strengthen both the club and the local community. We firmly believe that this partnership will create synergies for both us and the club.

We invite you to join us on this exciting new chapter of our journey. Stay tuned to learn more about our joint activities and initiatives!

Fortuna X Engfer Consulting

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