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December 6, 2022

Intermittent reinforcement

Why does everything in my LinkedIn feed now look the same?

Our behavior is influenced by environmental conditions.
Perhaps you've also noticed, as you scroll through, how similar many posts look. It's as if there's a pattern that people follow.

The question is why.
Does a person see an image, find it beautiful, and then post something similar? Does this happen over and over until our feed consists of the same images?
Or do people see that one type of post is doing well - being "rewarded" with likes and comments - and therefore post something similar?

Maybe the former, but probably the latter.

Indeed, this is a well-known dynamic.
Intermittent reinforcement.

We see that posting a certain type of post generates a lot of attention. Attention that we also want to experience.
It is seen as a reward that we persistently want to bring about.
It worked for others, then it will for us.
And if it does once, we try it again and again.
It becomes an addiction.

Social media has taken a significant place in our lives.
"See and be seen" no longer takes place in town while shopping or walking, but online.
We want our posts to reach as many people as possible.
People who should also like and comment on these posts.

That's why there were lots of vacation pictures in the summer, "back to work" posts with selfies from the office in the fall, and in the winter - yes, what's next?
Maybe pictures at goose dinner or from the Christmas market.

We can stay curious.