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November 3, 2022

Special Vacation

If 1. FC Köln becomes German champion in 2023, there will be a week of special leave for all our employees in our company.

Some of you may probably smile a little or even pity me for my naive hope.

In fact, this is not about pure soccer expertise at all, but about attitude.

It's about the positive attitude and the belief that many things are possible, even if they are not necessarily the most obvious.

Since I myself have understood that it's easier to live with a positive mindset, I have significantly more energy.
Because I worry less about the fact that something might not go so well.

Besides, you can still dream, can't you?

And what do you think, the team likes a week of special leave, whether FC fan or not.

Here's to three points today against OGC Nice at the Müngersdorfer Stadion.