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August 10, 2023

Benefits in companies: how unrealistic do you want it to get?

Golden work desk

It's time for an unpopular opinion:
We are in an era of over-glorification of employee benefits, which in many cases are simply unrealistic.
The picture painted on social media and elsewhere gives a distorted perception of what "normal" companies can and should actually offer.

Yes, we live in an employee market.
Yes, workers have more power than ever before.
But no, that doesn't mean that every company should suddenly be able to offer paradise on earth.

😲 4-day work week, unlimited vacation, 6 months of workation, 5 office dogs, and a company car? Oh, why not throw in a personal barista and a daily massage therapist? 😏

Let's be honest, these are isolated cases.
The vast majority of companies that work hard to create good jobs and fair conditions simply can't compete. And they shouldn't have to.

The tipping point is often not the supposedly "hip" benefits, but things like corporate culture, career opportunities, working with great colleagues, and the chance to do something meaningful.

Let's keep it real and put the glorified image of "maximum" benefits into perspective.
Let's recognize and appreciate the value of real, meaningful work and the importance of realistic, sustainable working conditions.

That is not old-fashioned. It's honest, realistic and sustainable. And that's what we should be working for. 🙌