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January 10, 2023

Senior Sales Manager

So it's official now:

Job ads and job postings are doing pretty well without a 3-page requirements catalog of what the new job holder must be able to do in order to actually be qualified for a job.

It's a nice and above all helpful realization. It works without the egg-laying willy-nilly! Yay.

And because it worked out so well for me with my last job here, I'd like to stay true to the format and never bug you again in the future with NICE TO HAVES and similar things that aren't really that relevant after all.

My job today 💥Senior Sales Manager💥 is a very special sweetheart.

It involves pioneering work in a fast-growing and internationally successful start-up.

The customers here are the big players in the Industrie 4.0 environment.

And that's what needs to be done:

👍New Business Development

🤝Team building and leadership

👌Creation of sales structures

Who can fix it:

💪Experienced sales personality with hunter mentality

😏Automotive or supplier professional

🌐Expert in sales of SaaS

✅️A person with fluent English skills

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