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June 1, 2022

Upheaval in personnel consulting and recruiting?


Upheaval in personnel consulting and recruiting?

2 aspects will determine the future:

▶️ 1. artificial intelligence

Sounds like a vision of the future, but it is already the present. Amazon, Google and Facebook are already using AI in recruiting processes.

In the meantime, an AI examines the career, checks the voice and salary requirements.
In some cases, people don't even notice that they are on the phone with artificial intelligence.

Also in Europe and Germany, the application process is already accompanied by an AI and used for a basic selection.

However, this general automation and digitalization has not yet replaced the interpersonal.
My opinion: Only a human being is capable of making an informed assessment.

▶️ 2. online presence

In recruiting, we are currently in a change of era: if you don't exist online, you are not tangible.

10 years ago, recruiters were still calling candidates at work. Opportunities like LinkedIn or XING didn't exist.

Companies have to present themselves on such platforms in order to be attractive to future employees. Keyword: employer branding. Likewise, employees need to position themselves with appealing profiles.

This process will develop much further. All the way to complete transparency on the web, which will be necessary.

I am already advising companies on precisely these further developments. We are talking about a tangible future in the next 2-3 years.