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April 14, 2021

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

"Hey Toby, thanks to the pandemic, I currently have both kids at home, have to homeschool them, can't concentrate and can't work normally at the home office. What do you want me to do? Could I possibly work evenings?"
"Hi S., sure we can work that out. Just talk to M. about what work you can do and when. And if he can accommodate that in his current schedule, or he can adjust the schedule accordingly. Special situation, special measures."

Now you're thinking that this position didn't have any time-sensitive tasks? It did, even associated with deadlines. But even in any other case, I would not have decided differently.
Why? Because I hired people for a specific job, not a time clock. And if the job can be done at a different time or place, why should I refuse?

Employees are people! This may come as a surprise, but it's true. And people have stories; and sometimes they have a baggage they have to carry on their own. Should I, as a manager with personnel responsibility, take this into account? My opinion: yes, absolutely!
A good corporate culture sees employees as capital and not as a resource. I'm always a little more careful with capital - aren't you?

There are so many small levers that show, for example, through appreciation and open interaction, that people work in your company and not just resources.

A healthy corporate culture shows itself, for example, in topics such as how to deal with criticism or fault tolerance. But a company's identity is also shaped by working conditions (yes, even in an emergency), an open-door policy and accessibility to managers. Joint activities strengthen internal ties and provide necessary networking among different departments.

"I work for a great company and I even have fun doing it," shouldn't be a unicorn you read about, but the norm, everywhere.
In return, you as the employer will receive a positive working atmosphere, innovators, lower fluctuation and a positive team spirit that will carry you through rougher times.

We would be happy to help you put your corporate identity to the test, optimize it or form a new corporate culture. Feel free to contact our C.A.R.E. founder and senior partner Tobias M. Zielke directly at or at +49 221 3377 54-10.

You can read more about C.A.R.E. here.